Pacific Precision, Inc. epitomizes excellence and precision in every endeavor. As a family-owned machine shop with a heritage spanning two generations, we hold in high regard the significance of relationships and the paramount success of our clients. Anchored by a repertoire of advanced, multifunctional equipment, we are poised to achieve the exacting machining tolerances requisite for high-precision solutions within the aerospace sector.


Aerospace Proficiency at Pacific Precision, Inc.

Our robust machining capabilities position us to craft precision components across a wide spectrum of sizes and complexities, all executed within tolerances as exacting as ±0.0002 inches. Our competencies encompass:

  • CNC 5-axis milling: The prowess of a 5-axis vertical milling center lies in its ability to cut across the X, Y, and Z linear axes while revolving on the A and B axes, facilitating precision cuts from virtually any angle. This technology is the driving force behind efficient, close-tolerance production of components characterized by intricate geometries.
  • CNC Swiss turning: Known for its precision, Swiss turning, or Swiss screw machining, emerges as a paragon of precision for crafting small and intricate components. Its capacity for simultaneous operations expedites production, ensuring swift and economical manufacturing.
  • CNC lathing: Infused with the superiority of CNC technology, lathes deliver unswerving precision and repeatability, eclipsing the manual lathe processes. This mastery over complexity reinforces the reliability and accuracy of part production.


Our Aerospace Experience and Accomplishments

From military to commercial ventures, we boast a wealth of experience in aerospace projects. Our comprehensive capabilities enable us to orchestrate multiple machining operations concurrently, effectively minimizing production costs and lead times.


Aerospace Insights: Addressing Common Questions

Q: What materials do you work with?

A: Our material expertise encompasses a spectrum of options, including aluminum, brass, high-temperature alloys, plastic, stainless steel, superalloys, electrical steels, and titanium.

Q: What aerospace certifications do you hold?

A: Our AS9100D quality management certification exclusively serves our aerospace projects, further bolstering our commitment to precision.


Engaging with Pacific Precision, Inc.

Operating in a continuous improvement paradigm, Pacific Precision, Inc. ensures that our clients continually reap the benefits of pioneering machining advancements. Our extensive repertoire of certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, ISO 13485:2016, and CDPH compliance, solidify our stature as a prime collaborator for both aerospace enterprises and government agencies.

For businesses and entities traversing the aerospace sector, we beckon you to explore the symbiotic potential between our services and your projects. Contact us to uncover the possibilities that await your aerospace endeavors.

Pacific Precision, Inc. exemplifies quality and accuracy on every project. As second-generation, family-owned machine shop, we know the value of relationships and prioritize the success of our customers. We maintain a portfolio of advanced, multi-functional equipment that enables us to achieve the incredibly close machining tolerances required for high-precision goods in demanding industries such as aerospace.

To see how any of our services can benefit your aerospace project, please contact us.