Pacific Precision, Inc. specializes in delivering precision tooling solutions tailored to the unique needs of medical device companies. As a second-generation, family-owned machine shop, we prioritize strong relationships and continuous improvement to ensure exceptional service. Our unwavering commitment to precision positions us as a trusted partner for the medical sector. Here’s an overview of our capabilities and services:

Precision Machining Capabilities:

Our in-house machining capabilities enable us to produce parts with exceptional tolerances, reaching as tight as ±0.0002 inches. Our expertise spans designs of various complexities and sizes. Our machinery includes:

  1. CNC 5-axis milling: Operating along the X, Y, and Z linear axes while rotating on the A and B axes, our 5-axis vertical milling centers deliver precise cuts from multiple angles. This versatility ensures the accuracy of medical tools and components.
  2. CNC Swiss turning: Well-suited for crafting small and intricate parts, CNC Swiss turning employs simultaneous operations to enhance efficiency. This method is particularly effective for producing components like surgical instruments.
  3. CNC lathing: Our CNC lathes offer consistent precision for intricate parts, surpassing manual processes in reliability.

Efficiency in Production:

We excel in performing multiple machining operations concurrently, optimizing both production costs and lead times. Furthermore, our capacity to develop prototypes for testing and market evaluation prior to full-scale production demonstrates our commitment to holistic product development.

Quality Assurance through Process Validation:

Our stringent Process Validation procedures ensure quality at every step. Our dedicated team oversees projects from design enhancements to production, collecting data to guarantee the dependability of the final product.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What materials do you work with?

A: We are experienced in working with a diverse range of materials, including titanium, aluminum, brass, high-temperature alloys, stainless steel, superalloys, electrical steels, and plastics.

Q: What certifications do you hold for the medical industry?

A: Our ISO 13485:2016 certification underscores our commitment to adhering to rigorous quality management practices in medical product and device manufacturing. We diligently renew this certification every three years.


Commitment to Excellence:

Our dedication to precision and quality is fortified by our certifications, which include ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, and CDPH compliance. These certifications establish us as a dependable partner for medical device companies seeking precision tooling solutions of the highest standard.


Get in Touch:

For medical device and instrument companies seeking precision tooling solutions that meet stringent requirements, we invite you to connect with us. Discover how our expertise can contribute to the success of your medical device projects.