dental toolingElevating Dental Industry Precision Tooling at Pacific Precision, Inc.

Dedicated to fostering customer satisfaction, Pacific Precision, Inc. stands as a testament to second-generation, family-owned excellence. Our deep-rooted understanding of relationship value fuels our continuous pursuit of elevated equipment, streamlined processes, and fortified capabilities to deliver superlative service. Our arsenal of advanced equipment is the cornerstone of our ability to attain the remarkably tight machining tolerances demanded by precision dental tools and equipment.


Precision Dentistry Proficiency 

Our expansive array of machining capabilities empowers us to craft parts with unparalleled precision, operating within tolerances as stringent as ±0.0002 inches. Equipped to handle designs of diverse complexities and dimensions, our machinery fleet comprises:

  • CNC 5-axis milling: Our 5-axis vertical milling centers expertly traverse the X, Y, and Z linear axes while revolving on the A and B axes, facilitating precision cuts from any conceivable angle. This technology underpins the efficient production of close-tolerance components characterized by intricate geometries.
  • CNC Swiss turning: Renowned for its precision, Swiss turning, also referred to as Swiss screw machining, emerges as a premier methodology for intricate small-scale components. It particularly shines in crafting minuscule dental instruments. With the capacity for simultaneous operations, Swiss machines expedite production in a cost-effective manner.


Our Commitment to Quality through Process Validation

Our unyielding dedication to quality shines through our rigorous Process Validation procedures. This approach meticulously shepherds each project from design enhancements to the final production steps. By meticulously collecting data, we ensure the eventual birth of a product that stands as a testament to reliability.


Dental Industry Insights: Addressing Common Questions

Q: What materials do you work with?

A: Our expertise encompasses a versatile range of materials, including aluminum, brass, high-temperature alloys, plastic, stainless steel, superalloys, electrical steels, and titanium.

Q: What industry-specific certifications do you hold?

A: We proudly possess the ISO 13485:2016 certification, signifying our commitment to meticulous quality management practices in the production of dental equipment. This certification is the outcome of a comprehensive audit, and we diligently renew it every three years to uphold its validity.

Q: What dental items have you manufactured?

A: Leveraging our precision machining proficiency, we’ve crafted an array of dental equipment, such as orthodontic appliances, orthodontic instruments, surgical components, and surgical tools.


Crafting Dental Excellence with Pacific Precision, Inc.

Staying aligned with cutting-edge machining advancements, Pacific Precision, Inc. radiates an unwavering dedication to precision and quality. Our array of certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, ISO 13485:2016, and CDPH compliance, cements our role as a formidable fabrication partner for the dental industry.

Explore how our services can augment your dental equipment endeavors. Connect with us to uncover the synergy between your vision and our capabilities.   Contact us.